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A-RP Script Map

Jul 05 2016 11:53 PM | Hash in Game Updates

This is where all updates regarding A:RP will be posted.

The script is currently being written from scratch and will be done in around 2 months


  • Login / Registration System (60% complete)
  • Basic Commands (20% complete)
  • Administration System (20% complete)
  • Interior System (80% complete)
  • Death System (75% complete)
  • Moderator System (not yet started)
  • Rental Vehicle System (80% complete)
  • Faction System (85% complete)
  • Job System (5% complete)
  • Drug System (10% complete)
  • Housing System (35% complete)
  • Business System (5% complete)
  • Vehicle Ownership System (5% complete)
  • Anti Cheat System (not yet started)
  • Cellphone System (not yet started)


  • Own-able Warehouses with the ability to steal and traffic illegal cargo.
  • Chop shops where vehicle's can be sold.
  • Black Market which will be invisible on the map.
  • The ability to mix drugs and use them with other effects.
  • Allowing an official faction to export stolen vehicles.
  • Vehicle Insurance, and vehicle security.
  • Fake ID, license and documents can be acquired at Black Market.
  • Will have special player-rights that can be applied for from Management. (nitro installer / fighting instructor / fraudster & more.)
  • Players can go to a location and change the plates on a stolen car, they can also get a new key made to start / stop the engine. (til despawn / respawn)
  • Every own-able vehicle will have a blue book value, the blue book value is the price a dealer will buy the car off you for. (miles, owners and other vehicle stats will affect blue book value)

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v1.0 A-RP Website

Jul 05 2016 11:52 PM | Jawz in Forum Updates

Posted Image

V1.0 - Ascension Roleplay
  • Setup of forums, modules and homepage
  • Change of images to reflect old design, circa 2014-2015
  • Increased size of images shown within posts to 150px * 150px
  • Forum wide SSL enabled

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